Terms of Services

– The amount of the rent includes Third-Party Liability insurance
– Refundable deposit from 500 € and from 2000 € shall be left with the rent of the motorcycle
– In accordance with the requirements of the insurance from 23:00 till 7:00 in the morning the motorcycle must stay at the security area. Otherwise, any damage resulting from accidents during that time shall be on the account of the lessee. When a motorcycle is ridden under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, the lessee will be fully liable for all possible damage.
– Payment method: bank transfer, cash, credit card.
– 100% advance payment is needed to book a motorcycle.
– Minimum term of rent: 24 hours.
– If the return of a motorcycle is delayed for more than 2 hours, full 24-hour fee will be charged.
– To book a motorcycle, the lessee shall provide his passport, driving license with «А» category, and he must demonstrate his riding skills when receiving the motorcycle.
– Minimum age of the rider – 23.
– Minimum experience as a category «А» driver – 2 years.
– Daily run limits – 350 km/day, every additional kilometre – 0,50 euro, VAT excl.
– The motorcycle may be delivered to any point in Bulgaria in exchange of additional payment.
– The motorcycle will be delivered to the lessee absolutely clean with full tank and shall be returned in the same condition, otherwise the amount of all expenses made will be covered by the deposit.
– If a motorcycle is rented for more than 2 weeks then the price may be additionally agreed.


Art.6.1.1. The General Terms and Conditions are a part of this contract and the lease agreement for the use of a motor vehicle /motorcycle/ of …………2020, concluded between “KHL moto Travel” ЕООD (organizer) and the rider (client).

Art.6.1.2. The Principal–client may declare his participation in writing by email sent to the address of the Agent–organizer. The contract is valid only after sending to the organizer written confirmation for reservation.

Art.6.1.3. By concluding this contract the Principal–client releases the Agent–organizer from responsibility for possible accidents occurring as a result of the use of the motorcycle.

Art.6.2.1. Deposit and final payment.

Art.6.2.2. With the confirmation for reservation the Principal–client receives an invoice issued by the Agent–organizer. The Agent–organizer reserves his right to refuse the delivery of the service in case of delay of the payment on behalf of the Prinicpal client.

Art.6.2.3. Unspecified individual services, which the Principal–client declares with the conclusion of this contract or during the tour, shall be additionally paid.

Art.6.2.4 Changes in the instructed routes or accommodation may not be considered as changes of the reserved services, unless such change is significant and affects the overall organization of the reserved trip.

Art.6.3.1. The Principal–client may cancel the tour at any time before departure with written statement. The reception of the statement of cancellation is decisive here. In case of cancellation by the Prinicpal– lient, the Agent–organizer may request a fee for the cancellation, which will be calculated based on the price of the trip as follows:
– till 45 days before departure: 0% of the tour price
– from 44 till 41 days before departure: 25% of the tour price
– from 40 till 30 days before departure: 50% of the tour price
– from 29 till 15 days before departure: 75% of the tour price
– less than 14 days before departure: 100% of the tour price

Art.6.3.2. The tour price is the total amount of all services, charged to the Principal–client by the Agent–organizer (tour price, motorcycle rent, etc.).

Art.6.3.3. If the Prinicpal–client fails to attend or is in delay for the time of departure, he will not be refunded the fee he has paid. If he fails to attend for the time fixed for the return, he shall arrange for his return on his own. In such case, the Prinicpal–client may not submit claims against the Agent–organizer. Changes of the tour dates and travel destinations are possible only through revocation of an existing contract and subsequent new registration.

Art.6.4.1. If the trip/tour is not reserved by minimum 5 riders, the Agent–organizer may cancel the tour up to 40 days before departure. In such case, the Prinicpal–client may be informed immediately and all amounts he has paid will be refunded to him in full. Other claims may not be submitted and will not be accepted.

Art.6.4.2. If the trip/tour is to be cancelled due to reasons which are beyond the control of the Agent–organizer (force majeure, strikes, terrorist attacks, emergencies, tour guide’s illness or his involvement in accident, road accidents, etc.), all amounts, which the Principal-client has paid so far will be fully refunded. Other claims may not be submitted and will not be accepted.

Art.6.4.3. The Agent–organizer reserves his right to cancel this trip/tour for the reasons enlisted above. In such case, there will be a pro rata refunding of the tour price covering the unpaid days of the trip/tour (without the costs of the flight tickets). Other claims may not be submitted and will not be accepted.

Art.6.4.4. Individual participants may be excluded from the tour by the Agent–organizer and his authorized tour guides in case of bad discipline, dangerous or annoying behaviour during the tour, including failure to observe the traffic rules. As a result of that, the rented motorcycle shall be returned and no amounts for the tour and/or the use of the motorcycle will be refunded.

Art.6.4.5. If the Principal–client terminates the tour ahead of schedule due to any reason whatsoever, he may not submit any claim for the repayment of the services invoiced to him by the Agent–organizer.

Art.6.4.6. If the Principal–client quits the tour due to a valid and acceptable reason, such as illness or accident, serious disease or death of close relative, the Agent–organizer will try to assist as much as possible in the organization of the return of the Principal–client. The latter may not submit claims for the repayment of the services invoiced by the Agent–organizer.

Art.6.5.1. The Principal–client is responsible for the observance of the applicable traffic rules. Every participant rides on his own risk and is liable within the scope of legal liability for damage, which he has caused to other riders or other participants in the traffic. This shall apply also when the Principal–client follows the tour guide. Every participant shall adapt his riding style to the principles of his personal safety.

Art.6.5.2. The tour guide will provide only the rough details of the route and the Principal–client follows this route at his discretion and responsibility and shall adapt his riding style to the prevailing conditions and his personal riding skills. If the Principal–client is not able to follow the route, he must interrupt his trip and immediately inform the tour guide.

Art.6.5.3. Only and solely the Principal–client is responsible for the storage of his personal luggage in the support van. Any responsibility of КHL moto Travel ЕООD in that case is excluded.

Art.6.5.4. The Agent–organizer may not be liable for loss or damage of personal belongings and valuables, documents and electronic devices of the Principal–client, participant in the trip/tour during the time of the tour.

Art.6.5.5. The Principal–client is responsible for the observance of the applicable provisions and laws in terms of his passport, visa, healthcare and driving in the visited countries.

Art.6.5.6. If the Principal–client is not able to start the trip because he is not able to observe such provisions or if he has to cancel it because of such reason, the Agent–organizer is released from any responsibility and is not obliged to refund the payments made by the Prinicpal–client.

Art.6.5.6. With the reservation for the service, the Principal–client declares that he has a valid driving license, which will use for the tour and that he has the relevant riding skills which allow him safe driving of the motor vehicle along the whole route of the tour.

Art.6.5.7. If, after the reservation is made, it appears that the Principal–client does not have a valid driving license for the whole duration of the tour, the Agent–organizer will be released from further performance of the contract and he will apply the cancellation rates specified in art.6.3.1 above.

Art.6.5.8. If, after the departure it is found out that the Principal–client does not have a valid driving license for the whole duration of the tour or that he does not have the necessary riding skills which would allow him the safe driving of the motor vehicle along the whole route of the tour, then the provisions of art.6.4.6 shall apply.

Art.7.1.1. The good general health status is a precondition for the participation in the trip/tour. Participants in the tour who do not satisfy these requirements might be excluded from participation in the whole tour or any stage thereof, without this resulting to claims against the Agent–organizer.

Art.7.1.2. The Principal–client, participant in the tour, is not allowed to consume alcohol or take medicine or other medication, which may have negative effect on his driving capabilities, during the day when there is possibility for him to have to drive the motor vehicle. This shall apply also for clients, who take part in the trip/tour as passengers. If, at the end of the day tour, the Principal-client consumes alcohol, takes medicine or other risky substances, he shall guarantee that the condition, which could have negative effect on his driving capabilities will not be present at the start of the tour on the next morning. If he fails to observe this clause, then the provisions of art.6.4.6 shall apply.

Art.7.1.3. Within the scope of his obligation to take the cares of a good housefather, the Agent–organizer is responsible for the proper preparation of the trip/tour, careful monitoring and selection of service suppliers and the proper delivery of the agreed service.

Art.7.1.4. The liability of the Agent–organizer is excluded or limited, if it refers to provisions of the law, which are to be applied to the services, which are rendered by a service supplier whose responsibility is also excluded or limited.

Art.7.1.5. The liability of the Agent–organizer is, always and notwithstanding the reason for it, limited to the amount of the double price of the trip/tour, as long as the damage of the Prinicpal–client is not caused deliberately or as a result of gross negligence of the Agent–organizer and to the extent the Agent–organizer is responsible for damages caused to the passenger solely due to a service supplier’s fault.

Art.7.1.6. Liability referring to delays within the route is excluded. Furthermore, the Agent–organizer will not be liable for road accidents. Within such form of adventure tourism (travel), each participant of the tour is and will be responsible for his own actions and especially for his riding style and choice of routes, including for the proper assessment of his skills, even if he strictly follows the tour guide.

Art.7.1.7. Every passenger agrees hereby that the owners organizers and their representatives will not be liable for personal safety and will not be responsible, either jointly or severally, for accidents related to the performance of the contract or participation in the tour, which result to injury, death or damage to the Prinicpal–client, his property, family, heirs or legal successors.

Art.7.1.8. Depending on the season and the climatic conditions, the Agent–organizer reserves his right to change the route of the tour and the places of accommodation in accordance with the new requirements.

Art.7.1.8. The Agent–organizer may not be liable for bad climatic conditions. In such situation, the Prinicpal–client will not be entitled to repayment of the price of the tour and rent.

Art.7.1.9. The offered hotels and places of accommodation are specific for the country and are of good standard. If, it is not possible to reach the opted hotels due to bad meteorological conditions or other impact which is beyond the control of the Agent – organizer, then it cannot be considered that he has caused damage. All additional costs in such situation will be on the account of the Prinicpal–client.

Art.8.1.1. The participants in the trip/tour, who take part in the tour organized by the Agent–organizer with their own motor vehicle, will be responsible for the lawful and technical safe condition and operating order of their vehicle, all necessary documents and the insurance required for the said vehicle.

Art.8.1.2. Rides with motor vehicles provided by the Agent–organizer outside the route he has instructed are not allowed. Therefore, the improper use of the vehicle under rent is forbidden. The Prinicpal–client will be liable for all damage caused as a result of unlawful riding outside the road contours and prohibited use of the vehicle, in full and without any limitation thereof.

Art.8.1.3. The Agent–organizer recommends the Prinicpal–client to purchase travel insurance covering cancellation, accident, disease, theft, liability and legal assistance.

Art.8.1.4. All images, slides and videos made during the trip/tour by the representatives of the Agent–organizer, are property of KHL moto Travel EOOD and are subject to copyright. KHL moto Travel EOOD may use this material for advertising and promotion even if the Prinicpal–client can be identified without this resulting to additional costs for the Prinicpal–client.

Art.8.1.5. If irrespective of the cares of the Agent–organizer, during the tour planning and implementation, the Prinicpal–client has the grounds to submit a claim, he shall immediately notify the Agent–organizer about that. This can happen at the office of the Agent–organizer within the business hours. The claims against the Agent–organizer may be submitted within 30 days after the end of the trip/tour. After that date, claims may be submitted only if they do not result from the faulty behaviour on behalf of the Prinicpal–client. Claims may be submitted only by the Prinicpal–client and may not be assigned to third parties.

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